Dad buys bullet-proof backpack for daughter to take to school

After one of these school shootings it can be a helpless feeling to send your kids to school.

One Detroit area dad wanted to do something, so he invested in a bulletproof backpack for his second grader.

"I wanted to protect her, but I don't want to damage her psychologically," said Doug Hanes.

Hanes, a mechanic, works hard to keep his family safe. But, there's only so much he can do when he sends his second grader Easton off to school.

"One day my kid's school was on lockdown because there was a shooter in the area," Hanes said. "And the same day some place was shot up in Texas or something and I was like what can I do."

After that lockdown around Christmas, Doug got online and stumbled on bulletproof backpacks - something he'd never heard of.

"It doesn't look like a bulletproof backpack but it is," he said.

The insert, by Strike Face weighs as much a bottle of water.

"You just put this thing in and now you have a bulletproof vest like a soldier or policeman," Hanes said.

For $90 Easton has a bulletproof backpack and Hanes has peace of mind.

"It's not a good Christmas present but it could be the best present I ever buy her," he said.

Check out this video by the company Bullet Blockers - they sell bullet proof accessories for bags, even clothing.

The shooters empty dozens of rounds into the shield. In videos you can see it worked.

"I had to picture my kid on the other side of this while there's a dude shooting into it," he said.

Hanes says he had to teach his 8-year-old how to use the shield.

"I had to give her a certain kind of training without it being the scariest thing in the world," he said.

FOX 2: "What do you say to people who think that second grade is too young?"

"I would say tell that to the parent of a second grader who got shot sitting in their room," Hanes said.