Crocodile captured on South Florida beach

A large crocodile made its way to Hollywood Beach, Florida this morning, laying in the surf and eluding trappers -- at least for a little while.

According to the city of Hollywood, Marine Patrol officers first spotted the 6-foot croc this morning neat the Dania Beach Pier area. The crocodile drew a large crowd of onlookers when it reappeared off Johnson Street and lay along the shoreline with the waves crashing over it.

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission officers were on scene to catch the unwelcome tourist. Video from WSVN's helicopter showed them trying and failing to corral the croc, who kept slipping into the waves and swimming off.

Eventually, though, the trappers managed to snare the crocodile in the surf and then dragged the unhappy creature up through the sand. Its fate was not immediately clear.