Crime in Los Angeles down 23% during COVID-19 pandemic

Crime in Los Angeles decreased 23% in March from March 2019 as Angelenos sheltered in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore announced Monday.

The city saw reductions in crime in nearly every category except auto theft, Moore said.

Even reported family violence, which many worried would increase as families were crammed together in their homes during the shelter-in-place directive, decreased by 11%, according to Moore.

"We recognize that in times of stress and times of turmoil, family violence can increase," Moore said.

"We want to remind every victim, every survivor of family violence, that we have a place for you, we have a place for you, you do not have to be home, you do not have to be secluded or isolated with someone who is committing violence upon you."

Traffic incidents have also decreased, including collisions, hit-and-runs, DUI-related collisions and pedestrian collisions, Moore said, though he noted that there has been some increase in traffic speeds.

Crime reduction "is the one area of benefit, if you will, from this terrible virus, this terrible infliction of injury and pain in our society," Moore said.

"Thanks to the vast majority of Angelenos who are safer at home, who are honoring the mayor's directive ... it is through their work in staying safe at home that's going to allow us to get through this pandemic as quickly as possible."