Crews working to repair potholes around California after heavy rains drenched state

California experienced widespread damage after heavy rains drenched the Golden State.  

Now that the rain has moved out, crews are working to repair numerous potholes on Southern California freeways and roads.

By the time FOX 11 crews caught up with the city of LA's Street Repair Crew, they had filled up eight to 10 potholes already... tacking them with a sticky substance… shoveling in asphalt, raking it smooth and then pounding it with what they call a "whacker."

But even as potholes start getting filled, many cars are getting whacked. FOX 11 technical director Sebastian Dimant was trying to direct his car away from a pothole, but it was too late.  

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"I hit this pothole with my right front passenger side tire, and it completely blows out," Dimant said.  

He said his car suffered about $2,000 in damage.  

"Two days in the mechanic. They were trying to find the right size tire. All this because the city can’t fill the potholes the right way."

Crews are working overtime to try and fix the problem, but general superintendent for LA Street Services Michael Cox says it’s not easy and it takes time.  

On Tuesday he said there were about 10 trucks with two repairmen each out in the city.  

"Obviously the rain has taken a toll on our roads. The asphalt is eroding and we’re just trying to fill those potholes and fix those roadways as quick as we possibly can," said Caltrans spokesperson Allison Coburn.

City and state officials are asking people to report any potholes they see. For more information you can visit Caltrans online at or the LA Bureau of Street Service at