Coyote viciously attacks dog at home in Valencia

A Valencia homeowner shared a frightening video on Facebook of her dog being attacked Wednesday morning by a coyote that had jumped the wall of her backyard to alert other neighbors in the hillside community.

You can hear the piercing cry of a little dog named Kirin as she's attacked by the coyote who just a half hour earlier had come face-to-face with neighbor Gretchen Humphrey in her yard.

"I was shocked. I was first I just thought it was a dog in the neighborhood but when it turned and faced...I went, 'it's a coyote!'" said Humphrey.

Jackie, Kirin's owner, is grateful her 9-year-old dog survived the attack, and despite Kirin needing stitches after the coyote took a bite of her face before running away, the outcome could have been worse.

"There are other neighbors that their cats have been eaten, other dogs that are smaller that have been taken and gone and it would have been worse to see that kind of video footage," said Jackie.

Jackie's husband was home at the time of the attack and quickly rushed Kirin to the veterinarian.

Jackie says she's lived there for five years and has seen coyotes but never one this close -- jumping her back fence and preying on her two dogs. She reminds neighbors to be more vigilant with their pets.