COVID-19 antibody testing study begins in LA County

Could an antibody test be the key to easing our stay at home orders?

Antibody testing began today at six different locations in LA County; it’s believed to be the first of its kind testing in the US. 

USC Price’s Dr. Neeraj Sood spoke to FOX 11’s Susan Hirasuna via Zoom to explain how the antibody test works.

Each participant gets a tiny prick on the finger for a drop of blood.

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“What this test give us two pieces of information. It tells us whether you have an active infection right now or whether you ever had infection before,” Dr. Sood stated. 

The test kit looks somewhat like a pregnancy test.

“And you see lines appear on the test kit so based on the lines you tell whether the test is positive or negative,” he added. 

A thousand LA County residents were invited to participate in the study… chosen to be a true representative across a section of people.

Dr. Sood believes this test could be the key to easing the stay at home orders.

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