Could the extreme cold in Texas be heating up gas prices in California?

The warnings are dire, as much as a 20 cents per gallon increase on gas prices have been seen across the nation as Texas refineries stop operating due to freezing weather conditions. 

But it shouldn’t be that way says Consumer Watchdog. The special blend used in California is made here or in Washington. Consumer Watchdog says it’s not imported; so how would our prices be affected?

California may be an island when it comes to gasoline, say experts at the price comparing but when so many refineries go down, at the same time, the whole nation is affected. The increase in driving as more people get out, with less cover restrictions, is already having an effect. 

But Californian drivers have been paying more for gas, a lot more, for a long time. The state’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit accusing two international companies of price gouging. The California Energy Commission is also investigating why prices in the state are so much higher than Hawaii, even with our special blends. 

It will probably get worse before it gets better. So the one thing everyone agrees on is that shopping around for the best price is a must.

The gas coming in to our state is all pretty much the same, although some big name companies will add especial gas conditioners and so forth. But during these COVID times, when every penny counts, it’s hard to fathom that gas prices can increase. Without additional oversight from government officials and most people we spoke to at the pumps seem to believe it’s more about profit than weather. 

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