Compton community members come together hoping to end gang violence

A group of community leaders are coming together with the hope of ending gang violence after 25 murders in LA County have reportedly been committed in the last 12 days. 

"I feel like a piece of my soul has been snatched out of me," says Compton resident D’Lita Miller Robinson.

On Monday, her son Tyler Lidell was shot in the head, becoming another victim of gang violence in this community.

"The pain that I feel, the gang that killed my son, the pain, I wouldn’t even wish that on their mother. This pain, I don’t wish on my worst enemy," she explained. 

It’s a devastating pain that sadly too many mothers in LA County can relate to. 

"It’s to a point where innocent people are getting shot. It’s not even the actual gang members that are getting shot, it’s innocent people," said activist Chris Bailey.

The surge in violent crime has Compton Mayor Aja Brown making a public plea for a ceasefire. 

"I do know most of the perpetrators are young in age; young men that are the shooters.We’re hoping the collective leadership in our community can reach them and promote a ceasefire at this time," Brown added.

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One concerned young man, Kevin ‘SAV’ Lyman Jr. says with emotion in his voice, "I did some thing here in the City, that same energy, I got a correct."

At the age of 18, Kevin Lyman served 12 years for attempted murder, something he deeply regrets. Now, he’s trying to reach out to his peers, those involved in gangs.

"Violence is the lowest form of communication, so if this is how we communicate, to say that we dislike each other on a daily basis, for years, what are we saying about ourselves, like we don’t know how to talk, that’s not the truth," he stated.

Bailey’s message to the gang bangers: "If you could just put the guns down, because it really hurts to see mothers hurt. It hurts to see kids grow up without fathers without mothers." 

If you know anything about these recent shootings, contact the LA County Sheriff’s Department. You can remain anonymous. 

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