Compton City Council cancels weekly meeting, again, as the 'Crisis in Compton' continues

Some Compton residents said they are fed up their city representatives. They are specifically talking about three council members -- Janna Zurita, Isaac Galvan and Tana McCoy. Residents have said that this trio is often missing from city meetings, bringing business to a halt in the City of Compton.

On Tuesday night, the council was supposed to vote on using $1 million in funding to fix the potholes throughout the city.

Residents also accuse Zurita, Galvan and McCoy of being a "voting block" -- meaning they allegedly conspire against the Mayor of Compton Aja Brown.

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Residents said the three council members often vote against perfectly good proposals if Mayor Brown supports them. Their evidence? They point to a video that surfaced showing Councilwoman Zurita explaining why she voted against a project that would have brought $500,000 in renovations to the city of Compton.

On June 4, Compton residents will head to the polls. Councilwoman Zurita of district one is running against newcomer Michelle Chambers.