Company launching marijuana-infused Keurig coffee pods

A San Diego based company is about to make it a lot easier for people to wake and bake. Cannabiniers is launching a new line of THC and CBD infused coffee and tea. The product, known as BrewBudz, is designed to work in your at home Keurig brewer.

"It's an opportunity to bring together two different rituals in life," BrewBudz Vice President Jeffry Paul told Eater. "Drinking coffee or tea is something that's part of your every day…. There's also a ritual for marijuana, whether it's medicinal or recreational."

Paul talked with news media outlets about the product. He says they don't use extracts or oils like you find in other edible cannabis products. Instead, they put the entire flower into the pod along with coffee.

You can get the coffee in regular or decaf. If you're more of a tea drink, you can choose between black, green and chamomile.

News reporters asked Paul about the smell and taste of the product. He says the final brewed coffee has absolutely no lingering marijuana smell or taste, making it perfect for people who need medical cannabis and also enjoy drinking coffee. Paul did say the various tea products do have a slight lingering taste due to the herbal nature of the teas, but we're told the flavor is still "excellent."

The Keurig-compatible cups are 100 percent compostable. Paul explains this means you could brew a cup of BrewBudz coffee, throw the pod into your compost pile and then be using the broken down cup as soil to grow your tomatoes six months later.

BrewBudz will be launching sales in Nevada and Colorado starting in January with a price tag of about $7 a pod. They'll then expand sales to Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona by March. Paul says Ohio is also on the radar as a future potential market.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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