Companies start 2023 with massive layoffs

Big companies across the companies rang the new year with news that was devastating to their staff: massive layoffs.

Tens of thousands of workers across the country were impacted across the country. Big tech companies among employers letting their staff go.

Amazon, Salesforce, Inc., Twitter, Flexport were among the companies letting its employees go.

Roger Lee, founder of layoff-tracking site, said he has found more than 22,000 employees laid off in tech.

"The early part of 2023 is going to be tough for tech in that we're going to continue to see layoffs for the foreseeable future," Lee adds.

Alec Levinson, USC Marshall economist, shared the following advice for those dealing with recent layoffs:

"As we're going to enter a recession, think about a storm coming and want to kind of batten down the hatches in terms of your own personal career. Battening down the hatches means finding a job that you can weather the storm through," Levinson said.