Community rallies to save 96-year-old World War II veteran from eviction

Chet Lebrun is a 96-year-old World War II veteran. That didn't stop the mobile-home community he lives in from trying to evict him from his home due to unrepaired damage from Hurricane Irma.

"When they sent me that notice: you've got seven days to fix it," he told Fox 35. "Imagine fixing all that in 7 days. I can't even stand up."

FEMA had already denied assistance for Lebrun to repair his home. Without help, he wasn't sure what to do. Lebrun's caretaker posted her outrage to social media, but wasn't sure it would help. Thankfully Lebrun's community cared for him and knew the right thing to do.

Within days, money had been raised to make the repairs needed to keep Lebrun from getting evicted. Even more incredible, two members of the community decided to buy him a new mobile home altogether to replace his old damaged one. Lebrun won't be evicted, and he'll have a more comfortable place to live now, too.