Community mourns death of toddler struck by Amazon van in Irvine

Residents at an Irvine apartment complex are mourning the death of a 23-month-old girl after she was hit and killed by an Amazon delivery van Tuesday afternoon.

"I heard the mother screaming," one resident told FOX 11's Laura Diaz. "I peaked out the window and I got a glimpse. I ran down and I came out the door and started dialing 911."

Police and fire crews were called to the apartment complex in the 300 block of Estancia just after 3:30 p.m. When they arrived, they found the little girl dead in the parking lot. According to reports, the girl was playing in the driveway near the family's garage when she was hit. Reportedly, the mom of the deceased child was standing by her little daughter when she was struck.

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Residents also say that Tuesday's incident wasn't the first time a child had been hit by a car at that apartment complex. Residents tell FOX 11 that with no onsite playground, children tend to play in that area.

"It was just horrible for everyone," a resident said. "For both the driver, the mother, it was just a horrible situation. Unfortunately, the child was deceased as I came down."

Irvine Police are still investigating what happened. Anyone with information is asked to call detectives at 949-724-7047.