Community leaders, celebrities answer the call to provide homeless LAUSD students with laptops

Community and business leaders are answering the call to provide homeless children in the Los Angeles Unified School District the devices and internet access they need to go to school during the pandemic.

FOX 11 first spoke to Sweet Alice Harris last week. She said more than a month after classes started, dozens of LAUSD students were still not attending class because they were never provided devices.

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The LAUSD provided FOX 11 with a statement saying: “We are looking into this, however, we know these are trying times for families who have to juggle the impact the virus is having on their lives with the school needs of their children. We’ll continue to make sure every student has a device and internet connection. We encourage those who may need assistance to call their child’s school or the Los Angeles Unified Helpdesk at 213-443-1300. “

Homeless and child advocates say they can’t wait for the district to act. The Avalon Carver community center is offering access at its learning centers, which include physically distanced desks and laptops.

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Orange County businessman and philanthropist Ron Hudson is pledging to provide more funding and resources to Homeless Free America. And Donny Harrell from “The Mike and Donny Show” on FOX Soul is donating $100,000 to the effort.

Homeless advocates say there is still so much work to be done. They plan to help the LAUSD identify and distribute devices to students who still don’t have them. 

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