Collin County dad leaves hospital after 150 day battle with COVID-19

A Collin County father is reunited with his family after spending months inside a hospital battling the coronavirus. 

Marcus Foreman gave a flex as he exited Methodist Richardson Medical Center on Tuesday, 150 days after first arriving. His family says many of the doctors thought he would not make it.

Foreman has had many complications from the virus, including having to have part of his leg amputated because of blood clotting issues.

He became emotional when speaking to all of the people who came out to celebrate his release.

"I can't thank you guys enough for the overwhelming love and support. Keep your faith in God, have a heart of a champion and it’s hard to take you down. It's hard to take a person down," Foreman said.

Foreman has six children and two grandchildren.

His family says he loves playing sports with his boys and is excited to be back at it once he is fully recovered.

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