Cleaning up homeless encampments in Harbor City

On Christmas Day, people made food and clothing donations to the homeless people living in an alley just off of Lomita Boulevard and Vermont Avenue in Harbor City. A day after, LA City Sanitation workers showed up to clean and force everyone out of the area.

Jennifer Bell, who had been living in the alley for the last six months, had a strong reaction.

"Who does that after Christmas?! Americans do that to Americans? That's how we treat our own people? That's disgusting!"

Many of the scheduled clean ups are done to appease complaints about the growing homeless encampments. There are already numerous restrictions, including prohibiting tents from going up between 6am and 9pm. In addition, people living in the streets cannot have oversized property on a sidewalk. Anything that doesn't fit inside a 60-gallon container will be confiscated.

City officials say the homeless clean ups are done for health and safety reasons, but some people say forcing people to get rid of what little they own is inhumane.