City reopens super bloom viewing in Lake Elsinore after shutting down due to overcrowding

Overwhelming crowds forced authorities to shut down viewing of a super bloom of poppies on hills around a small Southern California city.

The city of Lake Elsinore closed access to Walker Canyon and canceled shuttle service after a massive traffic jam developed Sunday. The city reopened the viewing area on Monday, stating that parking is extremely limited.

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The city initially tweeted on Sunday that roads were jammed, traffic on Interstate 15 had stopped moving and law enforcement assistance was requested from neighboring jurisdictions to deal with the crush.

The city then shut down access, saying the weekend had become unbearable.

The super bloom resulting from extremely wet winter was originally met with excitement in the community about a 90-minute drive from both Los Angeles and San Diego.

But problems surfaced, including people leaving trails and trampling flowers.

And #poppyshutdown began spreading on Twitter.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.