City of Chino calling on residents to turn in neighbors using illegal fireworks

Illegal fireworks across Southern California are a dangerous problem.

Recently the city of Chino passed a new law that allows everyday citizens to police their neighbors and report illegal fireworks.

The city is asking citizens to take pictures or video and turn neighbors into police if they catch them lighting or possessing illegal fireworks.

"I think it is a great idea, because we want to be safe," said Milagro Chavez who owns a fireworks stand.

Chavez says she only sells what is considered "safe and sane" fireworks at her stand located at Riverside Avenue and Euclid Avenue in Chino.

Chavez says she would even turn in neighbors she noticed breaking the law.

"I think if it were not safe, yes, I would. I think about the kids," said Chavez.

Violators using or possessing illegal fireworks face $1000.00 fine if caught.

The city of Chino is asking citizens to take pictures or video then call the dispatch number 628-1234.

Residents must be prepared to be a witness and identify the offenders and agree to testify against them in court.

"I am not going to turn in my neighbor for having a good time, We need to change how we celebrate Independence Day. But there is many ways to do it," said David Adams.