Chase suspect shot, deputy injured after wild pursuit ends in Bellflower

A deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department was injured after a man led police on a chase to his family's Bellflower home Friday. 

Officers with the South Gate Police Department were pursuing an erratic driver that was traveling 50 mph on surface streets near the 105 Freeway, said police. The chase continued through Paramount and eventually to the suspect's home in Bellflower located near Clark and Rosecrans avenues. 

The suspect, a 26-year-old Bellflower man, was driving erratically, making u-turns and looping back and forth in a chase that covered a relatively small area, but left a lot of damage in its wake.

Detectives say it all started in the parking lot outside the Metro PCS Store. The suspect's girlfriend calling for help. "We believe that she called Lakewood Sheriffs Station to report that the suspect was holding her against her will," said Detective Derrick Alfred with the LA County Sheriffs Department.

Once deputies got on scene a chase ensued. Police say they threw spike strips on the intersection of Garfield and Century. "At that time the suspect made an abrupt left turn toward the deputy," said Detective Alfred. 

That's when deputies fired at the driver hitting him in the upper torso. There were three shots, but, that didn't stop him. He headed back to Bellflower to his home where he lives with 4 other family members.

Police say the suspect's 14-year-old brother was inside the car at the time of the chase. "They made a crisis entry through the back door. At the same time the suspect walked out the front door where he surrendered," Alfred added. The 14-year-old was brought out and reunited with his mom.

The suspect attempted to run a female deputy over with his car when deputies fired at him, said officials. 

The suspect's mother told FOX 11 that her son has a mental illness and that being in jail will not help him. He also apparently drank bleach that morning after waking up prior to the pursuit, his mother said.

She also said that he has not been taking his medications and that family was already distraught due to a recent death in the family. The funeral services for her brother was scheduled for today. 

"I'm sure he was suicidal by drinking bleach and not taking his meds. He definitely wasn't' stable," his mother told us.

The suspect was detained at the scene. The injured deputy and the suspect were taken to a local hospital.