CASA volunteer shares why she became a foster care advocate

She rides a Harley, is a mom, an actress and a writer and was featured in a book on "wildly creative" women.

Yvette Nipar also wanted to do more than just focus on self. That's why she says she became a CASA volunteer.

A CASA is a court-appointed special advocate for a child in foster care. She got certified during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Now, she's a CASA for a 16-year-old girl in foster care and says a big part of her role is just listening.

Other times, it’s something simple as going to Target together, or taking her teen to Trader Joe’s, a first for the teen.

Nipar (pronounced Ny-per) shared her own personal story of childhood trauma in a book titled, Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women by Angelo Lomenzo.  Her chapter is titled, "Mama-Bear Biker."

"It's an honor because it makes me feel my story matters," she says.

As the book says she "was exposed to unseemly horrors of an addict's life that no child should have to witness."

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She describes her mother as a heroin addict.

Nipar says breaking the cycle and being a good mom herself mattered. Her son Chance who's in popular local band The Scarlet Opera.

There are 30,000 children in LA County Foster Care. She got emotional recalling the moment she recently got her first hug from the CASA teen she mentors.

Those considering becoming a CASA volunteer can click here for more information. Nationally, there are more than 76,000 volunteers.