Carol Channing's late-in-life love

Carol Channing was beloved for her work on Broadway and on the big screen. But it was her real-life love that caught our attention.

The year was 2005 and Carol Channing was newly married by two years. It was the stuff of fairytales. Channing had re-united with a childhood flame and married her boyfriend from middle school, Harry Kullijian.

How does one in their 90's find an old love? Channing had written about Kullijian in her 2002 memoir "Just Lucky I Guess", and he reached out. Both were widowed. Kullijian had been a politician in central California.

They shared their story in our FOX 11 interview. I was in awe of their re-kindled friendship. What he must have thought as he watched her career over the decades? What she must have found in the comfort of that friend who knew her back when! Their story captured the hopeless romantic in all of us, and gave hope to everyone out there still looking for love.

The remained married until Kullijian passed in 2011. Channing died on January 15, 2019 at the age of 97.