Canoga Park Italian restaurant to defy Garcetti order; will open for business

Monday was the first day of an unprecedented emergency order right here in Los Angeles. It effectively shut down bars, restaurants, and other businesses in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus. But not everyone is following that emergency order.

FOX 11 found one business owner who plans to defy Mayor Garcetti and stay open.

At Grandi Italiani in Canoga Park business owner Aron is setting himself up for a showdown with the government of Los Angeles.

He is taking a stand for himself and his fourteen employees.

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Aron thinks the coronavirus outbreak has been blown up into a full hysteria and the restaurant industry is being unfairly targeted.

Despite Mayor Eric Garcetti's emergency declaration ordering a majority of businesses to shut down amidst the coronavirus concerns.

Aron tells FOX 11 he has to take his fourteen employees' livelihood into consideration and he believes small mom and pop restaurants like this are being unfairly targeted by this order.

In a press conference on Monday Mayor Garcetti addressed what could happen to businesses that defy his order.

Are you prepared for any potential blowback from your customers or the public? Melugin asked.

Aron says he understands why some may criticize him for opening up his doors and he knows he may now have a target on his back but he believes the choice should be left up to the customer, not the government.

"Yes I’m concerned for our safety over here if push comes to shove, the police department comes down here and says ok boys you can’t do what you’re doing over here, then we’ll have dinner abide, but until that time I feel strongly that we should stand up for our rights," business owner Aron said.

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