California public officials and residents react to Justice Ginsburg's passing

People from all over the country and the state of California are reacting to the news of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing.

FOX 11 spoke to people in Studio City following the announcement.

"I was having a decent day and I was just driving home and I literally had to pull over at the word of the news and shed a tear. It's a horrible day and the implications of her passing are incomprehensible, but she fought as much as she could to stay with us, and what a fighter," said Robert Wood.

Anastasia Barzee met Ginsburg last year along with her mother-in-law who grew up with Ginsburg and stayed in touch with her over the years.

"We just saw her last year, saw her do oral arguments in the morning and went into her office afterwards and it was just the most incredible experience and I'm gutted. She was truly a great trailblazer, and an inspiration to women anywhere for so many generations. I'm frightened. I'm worried for our country. I'm scared," she said.

Pamela Knight was also upset to hear the news.

"She had fought so long for such good causes and she had been fighting physical diseases for so long. I was just so devastated when I heard the news, devastated for her family and all that she was fighting for. She was fighting for more than just herself, but fighting for all of the people," said Knight.

People are also thinking about what's next for the country. Chris Pardal said he hopes President Trump replaces her quickly.

"It's very sad obviously [Ginsburg's passing]. She was very accomplished. I hope President Trump replaces her with the most conservative judge that he could find and that he replaces her as quickly as possible. If we don't have a judge in there who can make sure that we abide by the Constitution and the Electoral College then we're gonna be in trouble so that's why I say we gotta make it quick," he said.

Knight feels differently.

"That just seems like not enough time to me to vet a new Supreme Court Justice and go through the process. I'm just hoping that we can just kind of let that seat remain unfilled until the next administration takes over whoever that may be," she said.

Professor Eugene Volokh from UCLA said it is tough to predict what will happen next.

"I think it's very hard to predict these things. This could be done very quickly. It could be done less quickly. Generally speaking there are hearings so it takes time to do that. Even if the President were to come up with a nominee tomorrow, at least past practice suggests that there's going to be some time that it takes," said Volokh.

Volokh also described Ginsburg as a "trailblazer" who helped pave the way for women in law. 

Local officials released the following statements.

Attorney General Xavier Becerra: 
“We lost a giant of justice today,” said Attorney General Becerra. “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg towered over those who sought to close doors or build walls in America. She was the Little Engine That Could for all of us who believe in the American Dream. And she leaves us her story to make us proud. How do you fill the shoes of a giant?”  

Mayor Eric Garcetti: 
“Ruth Bader Ginsburg knew our country could always be better. But our union is surely more perfect because of her service and her judgment. Our city mourns the loss of this legend. Our nation must carry on her cause. May her memory be a blessing.”

Governor Gavin Newsom: 
"We have lost a giant among us. A trailblazer. And a champion of equality and justice. Our hearts ache tonight. Let us honor her memory by preserving the very ideals she fought so tirelessly for. Rest in Power. "

Representative Adam Schiff: 
"America lost a giant. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was shunned from courtrooms when she began her career because she was a woman. But she persisted, blazing a trail for millions of women and others who had been excluded or oppressed. RBG is a lioness of the law. She is irreplaceable."