California drivers are among the worst in the country, study finds

California drivers are some of the worst in the country, according to a study released on Thursday.

The study was conducted by financial website SmartAsset, which found that California ranked third for the states with the worst drivers. Topping the list was Mississippi followed by Alabama.

According to the study, the Golden State has the sixth-highest rate of searches for speeding and traffic tickets. It also has the 12th-lowest percentage of insured drivers at 84.80%.

"The risk of for getting in an accident with an insured driver here may be something to discuss with your financial advisor," the study said.

The state of California ranks among the highest in DUI rates, with 4.59 DUIs issued per 1,000 drivers. The highest DUI rate with 6.28 per 1,000 drivers is in Hawaii followed by Alaska at 5.80.

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