Bridesmaid dresses for dogs make for the most adorable bridal party ever

You may have a ton of questions regarding your wedding day, but what your dog will wear no longer has to be one of them. An Etsy shop is selling bridesmaid dresses and even bridal gowns made especially for your furry friend.

Having your dog be a part of your wedding is not a new trend. In fact, many dog owners likely feel that your best friend's inclusion should be mandatory. But your lovable pooch can now help you seal the deal in style and officially be included, dress and all, in quite possibly the most adorable bridal party ever.

The Posh Paws Company makes wedding attire for dogs so your canine partner can be fabulous with the rest of your guests.

"Why not complete your day by including your pooch in the bridal party, as one of your bridesmaids?" the description says on The Posh Paws Company Etsy page.

The gowns are handmade with a finished shoulder gathered with frills, giving the impression of fitted sleeves.

There are 12 different colors to choose from and each dress varies in size and price depending on the taste of everyone's favorite guest of honor.

Another Etsy company, Creatture, also manufactures dog tuxedos for the groom to match the bride.

Each tux includes four bow ties and is handmade. Every order also comes with instructions for fastening the bow tie, making sure the garment fits your pet perfectly.