Black man delivering food in Westwood harassed by white woman in viral video

Another “Karen” incident has gone viral. This time it happened in Westwood where a white woman can be seen on cell phone video harassing a young Black man who was trying to make a food delivery at an apartment complex.

The woman blocked the delivery and wouldn’t let the man inside the building.  

She said, “We don’t want your delivery. I don’t want you here at all!"

“It didn’t feel good, I couldn’t even do my job,” said 22-year-old Jordan Mykel Gipson. Despite repeatedly telling the woman that he needed to deliver food to a tenant, the woman refused to allow Gipson into the building.

She can be heard saying, “He’s a Black guy walking around with a clicker to get in every building. You don’t got a brain.”

Gipson told FOX 11's Gina Silva that he recorded the incident simply for protection.

“I pulled out my camera because I anticipated the idea of me being in handcuffs by the end of this back and forth with this lady,” he said.

Despite the numerous insults, Gipson remained relatively calm.

He said, “It’s a white woman, I’m a Black man. If I’d reacted angrily and yelled at her it wouldn’t have helped.”

Gipson hopes to turn this negative encounter into a positive one.  

He said, “I think we need to see this as an opportunity to grow, even her as a person can grow, but at the same time we need to condemn people for the things that they say and things that they do.”