Black Friday begins on Thanksgiving Thursday for some stores

Apparently, there are a number of people out there who don't care so much about getting together with family and feasting. For them, the upcoming holiday is all about the shopping!

Tuesday night at 10:30 pm Danny Carcamo and his friend Alonso Martinez laid down a mattress on the sidewalk in front of Best Buy in West LA. They are waiting in line for Black Friday. The 20-somethings anxious to buy a 50" 4K TV that normally runs over $500 on Black-Friday-Sale for $179. That kind of thing excites Carcamo who calls the Friday after Thanksgiving "the best holiday ever."

The sales manager at the store, Albert Acosta, says "Black Friday is the one day you're going to get deals like on any other day."

That is unless it's the Thursday BEFORE Black Friday…or ..the Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday BEFORE Black Friday…or Cyber Monday which is AFTER Black Friday. You have to admit, its really expanded from its original concept.

"Let's go back to 1952 when they did not have these big TV's like the 50-inch Carcamo and Martinez want. Major retailers declared the day after Thanksgiving as the beginning of the official Christmas shopping season and retailers loved the sound of the coins dropping in their cash registers."

Buy Store Manager Dave Garrett says Black Friday for retailers was actually when, on their profit and loss statements, they went from RED to BLACK so, they went from negative profits for the year to the positive."

That's why retailers get excited about the day. But, there are people who don't want any part of Black Friday so they bargain-shop early.

Larry Tollin hates the day. He says, "Black Friday's a mess. Black Friday is a day when I don't want to be near where everyone else is."

And, that's interesting because Larry Tollin actually likes to be around people. In the record industry for years, he managed stars like Paula Abdul. But, he gets an allergic reaction to BLACK FRIDAY…

Says Tollin, "There isn't anything in this store that I would stand in line for. I'm 64 years old. I've stood in line when I was a kid. I've stood in line for concerts… for everything there was. I like the lines. It was a party to be in line. At this stage, not a chance I would stand in line." For Tollin, end of story!

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