Best apps for rewards and cashback

There are lots of apps out there for lots of different things. 

But did you know there are some that will give you cash back just for shopping? 

There are quite a few that will reward shoppers for buying certain items or services, and for some people it doesn't involve anything other than downloading a particular app. 


This is the most basic. Shop like you normally would but make sure to keep your receipts so you can upload them to the app. The more receipts you scan, the more points you get. You can cash them out for gift cards or other rewards in the app. 


You can play secret shopper by downloading the app. See which missions are in your area; go in and take pictures, or take a survey and upload the info. The more secret missions you go on as a shopper, the more rewards you earn, and you can use it toward a gift card or a MasterCard prepaid gift card. 


By booking hotels through this app, you can accumulate cash back. You will also earn by eating out and once you hit a certain amount, Dosh will pay you through Venmo or PayPal.