Bell Gardens HS threat: Stolen firearms, ammunition recovered; 2 arrested

Two suspects were arrested after stolen weapons and ammunition were recovered following an investigation into a possible threat at Bell Gardens High School. 

Bell Gardens Police said they were alerted to the threat on Sunday, when they got calls from students and teachers about a video posted on Instagram, panning from the school to a gun on the poster's belt 

The video "shows the individual flashing between our high school and to what appears to be a Glock handgun," said Bell Gardens Police Chief Scott Fairfield. On the screen were the words "Don't come to escuela manana," or "Don't come to school tomorrow."

Fairfield said the man accused of posting the video, 21-year-old Rene Alvizo, is a known admitted local gang member, and that when he saw the video he called detectives to monitor Alvizo.

Alvizo and a driver were later pulled over by police. Fairfield said officers saw Alvizo put a suitcase in the trunk, and when officers asked to see it, they found two Glock 22s, which Fairfield alleged were stolen, a "Glock conversion kit," which Fairfield said would allow the Glock to be used "like a long rifle," ammo, body armor and more.

"He was not messing around," Fairfield said, on the items found in the suitcase. "He wanted to impact as much violence in a short period of time."

Bell Gardens PD continues to communicate with the Montebello Unified School District as the investigation continues. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Bell Gardens Police Department at 562-806-7632.