Avengers: Endgame No Spoiler Review

Last night at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the stage was set (literally) for the final chapter in the story of the first six Avengers. Dolby invited me to attend, once again, and check out the tech and the titans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Studios worked with Dolby Cinemas to build a theater to hold stars, media, and fans alike, to enjoy the world premiere of Avengers: Endgame. Dolby brought their bright Cinema screen technology and thundering Atmos sound system to the South Hall of the convention center, neither disappointed. The giant "A" set up outside the theater was perfect for catching glimpses of the dozens of stars who've played various heroes this last decade, as well as many Hollywood heavyweights who were in attendance to pay homage as fans themselves.

Back inside the theater, the film got off to a different start than last year's premiere. With the movie being 3 hours long, there were no speeches. Just a few quick words and it was time to bring all the films, all the storylines together, and to a close. The Usual Suspects, Pulp Fiction, two films which come to mind when I think of stories with multiple threads, woven together masterfully, and paid off in their final acts with the skill of an ancient scribe.

THAT is the last ten years of the MCU (Thor: The Dark World notwithstanding) and Avengers: Endgame is that final act. The odd, yet wonderful element to the closing of this chapter is that, you get what you were expecting, yet the Russo brothers found a way to frame this story in an unexpected way! I liken it to any journey in life where you pretty much know the destination but have little clue of how you're actually going to get there. And it is the journey which makes reaching the end, worthwhile and satisfying. In this case, it's the way the frame the pursuit of Thanos and getting back everything they've lost which will, I believe, delight audiences and have hardcore nerds squeeing to their little nerd heart's delight. I only use the term "odd" because often we tend to be let down that something might be considered "formulaic" but it is that formula for big action sequences, set pieces, and witty banter, mixed with the pathos, the storytelling ability of directors who aren't necessarily thought of as "big box office action directors," which concintues to be a win for the studio both domestically and globally.

In Marvel fashion, it's the "getting there" part that is filled with emotion and wonder. You will definitely laugh. Many in the audience last night definitely cried. Multiple times. And a pal of mine I caught up with at the after party told me that his 10-year-old son leaned over to him and said "this is the best movie I've ever seen," before Endgame has even finished.

Though #Thanus never came to pass, in the end, Endgame is not only the denouement fans deserve, it is the finale we need.