Authorities believe they could be coming closer to solving killing of musician Kevin Harris

Ten years after aspiring musician Kevin Harris was murdered, his family is still desperately hoping for help from the public so they can prosecute their son's killer. It's a cold case they hope can be solved.

Maybe someone feels guilty. Maybe someone wants revenge. Maybe somebody wants to make a death bed confession. Maybe somebody just wants to do the right thing. Whatever the reason, Kevin Harris Jr's family, the Inglewood police, and the FBI need help.

Kevin was gunned down on 118th Place on September 20, 2009, as he sat in his car outside a home-based music studio. He was an aspiring rapper, a DJ, a songwriter.  His mother told me today, ''Everybody loved Kevin...he didn't have an enemy in the world. "

"Squeaky clean'' is how one FBI agent working the case put it.  It's what makes the particular murder so frustrating and painful. Mom and Dad just want to know why? Why would someone do that to Kevin? So do investigators.

Inglewood Police worked it hard, had persons of interest -- not enough for arrests, turned to the FBI for some help with things like GPS and cell phone tracking, and ballistics, still not enough, not the final pieces of the puzzle to go to a judge and say there's probable cause for an arrest.

I first reported on this story in March 2018 when the family and the Feds and Inglewood PD had a press conference to announce the FBI was matching the Inglewood reward of $25,000. They said they were ''close'' to arrests -- maybe 85% of the way.

They were hoping someone would come forward. They're still saying that and hoping for that today.

We've stayed in touch. Dad and I spoke after the Nipsey Hussle murder. He saw parallels in his son and Nipsey. 

The tenth anniversary of yet another senseless killing is perhaps a good time to revisit the crime. If you want to do the right thing, it's 1-800-CALL FBI.