Americans head to local beaches eager to celebrate 4th of July holiday

Gas prices may be on the rise but that's not keeping Americans from planning a road trip this summer.
On 4th of July weekend, that might mean RV camping at the beach--if you're lucky to snag a spot.

"The space is the hardest part, you have to constantly be on your computer to grab your spot before everyone else does," said beach-goer Debbie Andersen.

And that was six months ago, days before the drive to Bolsa Chica State Beach there's the planning and the packing.

Then there's the drive, for the Andersen's that was a seven hours from Arizona.

"It takes probably a good four hours to get everything unloaded and situated and then just fine tune it into the next day, and then we're sitting back and relaxing," said Carl Andersen.

It's relaxation with a view, but even on the beach there's still lots of work left to do for these campers.

"I was trying to surprise my wife, give her a little love message. Get out of the water, something to make her smile... happy wife, happy life," said Evan Fite.

Even patriotism for the fourth takes a little work. But all things come to an end, for these campers it means more work when they arrive home, and by then the beach is just a fond memory.