After-school center provides stable environment for kids who lack it at home

Reed's Refuge in Philadelphia is an afterschool center that's not quite like any you might have seen before.

Fred Reed, a musician, grew up one of nine children, without a father at home. Reed says that music gave him a career and helped him get out of the projects, so he and his wife Cora decided to create a place where children growing up like he did can be nurtured and exposed to music.

"We created a place where we not only make sure the kids have homework done, but we provide dinner for the children so when they go home all they have to do is be bathed and go to bed," Cora told Fox 29 Philadelphia.

They decided to call it Reed's Refuge. Local children can come to escape what can be difficult lives and focus on school and performing arts, all free of charge.

Fred and Cora make sure the kids have a quiet and comfortable place to do their homework, and after that a place to be creative and express themselves. Reed even helped the children at Reed's Refuge perform, shoot and edit their own music video.

Not only that, but Fred and Cora provide dinner for all the children to make sure no one goes home hungry. And if they need a place to go before school, the doors are open then, too.

The Reeds believe that with the right environment, any child can succeed. That's an idea that sounds as good as the music the kids are learning to play at Reed's Refuge.