‘Above and beyond': Mom shares ‘a few choice words' to kids who TP'd her home

Toilet papering a house is a teenage rite of passage for many, especially those seeking to stir up some mischief in their neighborhood. The unlucky recipient of the prank can either get angry -- at the very least annoyed -- or have a laugh and just get to work cleaning it up.

One California mom recently woke up to toilet paper strewn across her front lawn and decided to just roll with it (pun intended).

Aubrey Dupree Seymour found the humor in her yard full of Charmin.

"To the kids that TP'd our house last night, I have a few choice words for you...AMAZING job, you have given me faith that there are still youths that choose to go ABOVE and BEYOND," Seymour wrote in the San Clemente Life Facebook group. "One day I believe you will change the world with your DETERMINATION to be the best. I do have you on my ring and when I find out who you are...game on my friend, we too have a Costco size supply of TP."

The post, originally shared on June 14, had received more than 330,000 likes and 121,000 shares. Many commenters applauded her "fantastic attitude" and her ability to "let kids be kids."

"All we know is, we learned from you tonight. ROCK ON! I hate Pranks. But your kindhearted response has softened mine," a man from Kansas wrote to her.

Seymour said she was "blown away" by the positive response her post received on Facebook and thinks that it brought back a memory for many adults, who may have also TP'd a house or two in their day.

Seymour, who has lived in San Clemente since 2001, said she did the popular pastime when she was younger. Both of her teenage sons have done it to other friends, she said, and just wanted to give people something to laugh about.

"My response was not to get angry," she said in an email. "Nowadays we are so quick to condemn kids for the things they do. Trust me my kids are not perfect but there are so many choices kids can make that are not always the best."

Seymour said the family knows the four culprits, who used a whopping 72 rolls for the job and managed to expertly drape the TP over every branch, bush and vehicle.

"They are wonderful boys that have known my son since elementary school, but don't think we won't be getting them back," she said.

As far as cleaning up the TP, Seymour said she had her oldest son clean up what he could off the ground in the event the sprinklers were to come on, while the rest had to be cleaned up a couple days later due to being at a volleyball tournament all weekend.