92-year-old great-grandmother is weightlifting world champion

Evelyn Kilgore is 92 years old, and she's a competitive powerlifter.

Kilgore started lifting five years ago, and is now competing internationally. She's the oldest person ever to compete in an officially sanctioned weightlifting event.

Her specialty is the deadlift, and since Kilgore is the only competitor in her age group and weight class, that means successfully completing her lifts has made her state champion, national champion and world champion.

As proud as she is of those titles, Kilgore is just as proud of being a mother, a grandmother and a great-grandmother.

And for everyone who wants to be more active, whether or not you're 92, Kilgore has one piece of advice on how to get started.

"Get up and move!" she told KTVU.

Kilgore is living proof that strength comes in many different forms.