5 car seat safety tips every parent should know

Parents, here are some safety tips for installing a car seat:

1) Make sure the seat doesn't move more than an INCH side to side. Check the install at the belt path.

2) Make sure there are no twists in the harness straps and chest clip at armpit level. This helps to ensure a tight fit securing your child safely.

3) Make sure the straps pass the pinch test. You should not be able to pinch the straps. If you can then you'll need to tighten the straps.

4) When measuring your child for the seat, make sure the straps come AT or ABOVE the shoulders

5) Make sure you use the TOP TETHER for forward-facing. It helps to keep the top of the car seat secure and minimize injury to the child in the event of the crash. You can hook these up to "anchors" found in the head-rest or behind the seat.

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