4 California wildfires rage during hot, windy weekend

Four wildfires burned throughout California this weekend amid hot and windy conditions.

Crews said Sunday they were gaining ground on the Quail fire in Vacaville, as they work to contain three other blazes throughout the state.

The Quail fire broke out Saturday and is 45 percent contained after burning 150 acres. Investigators said it was likely caused by a resident mowing their lawn, and that the area dodged a bullet.

"Darn foolishness," said Vacaville resident Mel Toppance. "This fire didn’t have to start. People have to use their heads. Luckily these firefighters did a terrific job."

Several neighborhood homes were threatened by the flames.

"The fire ran up the hill, and it caused issues because of the terrain and also the steep hills that we’re dealing with," said Cal Fire official, Tyree Zander.

The huge advantage in this blaze was that Calfire's main firefighting air force base, McClellan Field in Sacramento, is no more than 50 air miles from the Quail Fire site. From there, almost any size or speed of aircraft can be dispatched for a very quick trip to close by locations of within and of the many fire attack bases throughout the state. 

Calfire can also choose from hundreds of live-streaming cameras to see how to prioritize air strikes and crew dispatches for maximum effect within their capabilities. 

"We could be up to 25 aircraft flying in and out of here," said Calire Chief Dusty Martin, McClellan Air Tanker Base Chief.

Evacuation orders were lifted Sunday, and there were no reports of injuries. 

Firefighters in Yuba County said they are still putting out hot spots from the Golden fire.

It started Friday, just south of Camptonville.

Officials said that fire is fully contained after burning 20 acres.

No homes were lost or damaged in the Golden fire. The cause is still under investigation.

Smoke drifting from the Owens fire in Mendocino County reached parts of the Bay Area and prompted an air quality advisory in San Francisco and on the Peninsula.

The Edmonston fire continues to burn east of I-5, near Fresno.

Cal Fire said that blaze burned nearly 700 acres since it started Thursday and is 65 percent contained.

Investigators are still searching for the cause.