3 Suspects arrested who seriously injured man in drive-by paintball attack

A Torrance man is seriously injured in a drive-by paintball attack. Now, he wants to warn others before the suspects strike again.

Torrance Police Investigators identified and apprehended three individuals suspected of firing paintballs at innocent victims last Sunday evening. Detectives spent numerous hours searching for possible surveillance video and following up on investigative leads, some of the tips were provided by the public.

On February 6, 2018, at about 3:45 pm, patrol officers along with Investigators located the three suspects and their vehicle in the area of Cabrillo Boulevard and 233rd Street. Their lengthy investigation ultimately led to the recovery of several paintballs as well as the paintball gun. On February 4, 2018, at about 9:00 p.m., a 65-year-old Torrance resident was assaulted when
he was struck by numerous paintballs, some of which struck and injured his eye.

The crime occurred in the area of Hickory Park in the City of Torrance. Officials later learned that two other victims were assaulted within the same vicinity and time frame resulting in a minor injury.
The Torrance Police Department thanks the community for all of the tips received. "See
Something Say Something." This case is being investigated by the Torrance Police Department's Detective Division under the command of Captain Martin Vukotic, Commander of
the Special Operations Bureau.


Mike Fejes walking 3 mikes around his neighborhood every night around 9. But his nightly routine was rudely interrupted on Sunday when he was shot several times by a paintball gun.

The incident many view are harmless and victimless has potentially caused permanent damage.

The 65-year-old was walking near Hickory Elementary School on Greenwood Avenue when he heard two to three men yell out something to him.

He said he turned around and was shot in his right eye then fumbled to call 911 and was shot several times in his body.

He heard the men laugh and drive off.

"Ithink that's still the most irritating things. Is to hear them laughing. You know they just think this is a victimless prank that they can go around and have their fun and their fully and no body else suffers," Fejes told FOX 11's Leah Uko "And here I get to go to surgery tomorrow hoping that I get my eyesight."

According to the family, Torrance police have received several calls about paintball shooting incidents and are asking the public to notify them if they have surveillance footage.

Fejes is scheduled to undergo surgery Tuesday morning.

"The most painful thing is thinking about the eyesight. That's the most painful thing. The thing that somebody's stupidity can change my lifestyle. I can't go out and walk, the thing I enjoy to do every night. It's just morons running around in the neighborhood."

On Nextdoor, a witness told police the discover vehicle was a dark, possibly green Izusu SUV.

The suspect descriptions are 2-3 young, white men.

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