3 family members die after being washed into the ocean near Deer Creek beach

Three people died after they were washed off the rocks and into the ocean near Deer Creek beach during a family fishing trip Thursday evening, fire officials said.  

Authorities said a wife, husband and grandmother were the victims who were fishing with five other relatives on a slippery set of rocks. 

The Ventura County Fire Department received a call from the family and responded to the area of Deer Creek Rd. and Pacific Coast Hwy. around 5 p.m. Thursday.

Search and rescue crews conducted a search and a dive team was able to recover all three bodies.

The incident was traumatic for family members to witness and was even difficult for some first responders. 

"This is a very tragic incident and we’re now experiencing these not on a regular basis, but we’re going on multiple calls like this. It’s definitely very tragic that three people lost their lives today but we do work with peer support teams to be able to manage ourselves and be able to deal with the stresses of the job and what our first responders are doing every day," Ventura County Fire Captain Brian McGrath said.

All surviving family members were accounted for. 

The names of the victims have not been released.