3 dogs dead, man arrested in California animal cruelty case

A Concord man was charged Friday with 10 counts of felony animal cruelty for allegedly mistreating dogs inside a travel trailer, police said.

Jeremiah Weberling remained in jail Friday on $100,000 bail after being charged by the District Attorney's Office, Concord police said in a social media post.

On Thursday, police received a report from a resident of three or four dogs "going crazy" inside a trailer that was parked on the street.

Upon arriving at the location, officers saw from outside the open trailer door a small dog barking and panting with fur that appeared wet and matted.

They located Weberling, the registered owner of the vehicle who police said admitted that the dogs belonged to him and that he used the trailer as a "mobile dog house." An officer entered the trailer and
discovered five more dogs held in wire crates without food or water.

The officer arrested Weberling on suspicion of animal cruelty and requested Contra Costa County Animal Services investigate.

Animal Services found 10 dogs in the trailer, one of whom had died, according to police. They brought the remaining nine dogs to a nearby veterinarian for treatment; two of the dogs were euthanized because of
illness and injury they had sustained. The rest will likely survive.

It is unknown whether the seven remaining dogs can be adopted, police said.