200 hungry, sick brown Pelicans being taken care of by San Pedro bird rescue

The International Bird Rescue in San Pedro is seeing a great influx of sick pelicans.  

They took in over 200 hungry and sick brown pelicans in May 2022.

They are now asking the community for donations to help care for the majestic birds.  

According to the International Bird Rescue, it costs $45 a day to cover food, medicine, and staff time. They say they are spending $2,000 on fish each day.

Most of the birds arrive at the center cold, starving, sick and with injuries associated with the risks of finding food. The non-profit says all the birds need specialized rehabilitation before being returned to the wild.  

Officials say it is getting harder for the birds to find food... causing them to starve or take risky measures to find food.  

They believe the problem is a lack of available fish stock.


As the pelicans get care, they are housed in Bird Rescue’s 100-foot flight aviary. The public can watch the recovering seabirds through a Live Birdcam.  

The public can also make donations to the International Bird Rescue by visiting their website.