11-year-old thanking officers across the country with donuts stops in North Texas

A Florida boy on a mission to thank police officers around the country for their work made a stop in North Texas on Friday.

So far, 11-year-old Tyler Carach has been to 42 states. He's handed out 77,000 donuts to police officers to show them they are appreciated.

Tyler joined Good Day before visiting the DeSoto Police Department Friday afternoon on his spring break.

He came up with the idea after shopping with his mom one day. He asked her if he could buy donuts for four deputies that he saw there.

"After thanking them for their service I asked my mom, 'Why are they so excited over a snack?' And she said it wasn't the snack that they were excited about. It was because I took the time to say thank you," he said.

While thanking officers around the country, Tyler said he's been inspired. He wants to work in law enforcement one day.

"I want to be a K9 officer. They help people and I get a dog," he said smiling.

Tyler said he's tried a lot of donuts on his mission. So what's his favorite? His really loves pineapple upside down cake donuts.

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