In Depth: What's being done to stop the DUI epidemic

Segment One -

Marla Tellez hosts In Depth this week, as Hal Eisner remains hospitalized along with photographer Joab Perez after being stuck by an alleged drunk driver in Hollywood.

To discuss the ongoing problem of drunk driving, we have guests Patricia Rillera, the California state executive director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Haraszti, to talk about the increase in substance abuse during the pandemic.

Segment Two -  

Phil Shuman interviews Jessica Cicchino, a representative from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, about what can be done to protect pedestrians. 

Segment Three -

Marla is joined by Sgt. Ottawa Cureton of the LA County Sheriff’s Department. Sgt. Cureton lost her son to a drunk driver in 2017 and discusses the personal toll of this epidemic. 
Segment Four-

Friends and co-workers share their thoughts and well wishes for Hal and Joab.