In Depth: Vaccine update, mission to Mars, SECTOR

Segment one-

Hal is joined by UCLA Emergency Medicine doctor Matthew Waxman. Waxman talks about the new Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, which he calls remarkably effective. He also discusses the move in Texas to remove all restrictions, which he feels is a bad idea. Waxman also talks about the uptick in diagnoses of the COVID-19 complication in children known as "MIS-C" which he says is still very rare, but concerning.
 Segment two-

JPL’S Allen Chen joins Hal to talk about the Perseverance mission to Mars.  The latest rover landed in spectacular fashion. The rover carries a helicopter that can get an aerial view of the planet. It also has a microphone which allows scientists to hear sounds they’ve never heard before. 

Chen talks about how the lander will be looking for signs that life once existed on Mars. He says that while the Perseverance looks a lot like the previous version, the Curiosity, it actually has a lot more capabilities.

Segment three-

Kate Vacanti, with the L.A. County office of diversion and re-entry joins Hal to talk about their new program called SECTOR, which is intended to provide skills training and paid work experience in high-grown areas to those who have been involved in the justice system. 

There is a much greater rate of unemployment for those who have been involved in the justice system in various ways.

Segment four-

Hal promotes his podcast, and we watch a Great Dane joyously cavorting in his first snowfall.