In Depth: Propositions 26 and 27

Segment One — Emily Hoeven Newsletter Editor for CalMatters joins Hal to talk about Propositions 26 and 27 on the November ballot. Hoeven explains what Proposition 26 would change about gambling in the state if it passes. The proposition would add more options for gambling to Tribal Casinos. Card rooms would potentially be impacted, and animal advocates don’t like the fact that it could re-invigorate betting on horse races.

Segment Two — Hoeven returns to talk about Prop. 27 and what it would change for California. Prop. 27 would legalize online gambling off tribal grounds.   Many fear that doing that would take money away from tribal casinos.  There is also concern about underage gambling and fear of increasing gambling addiction.  Hoeven says the ads for these two propositions may be turning people off, as a recent poll shows that of people who have seen the ads, more people are saying they’ll vote "no." Hoeven also discusses what would happen if both propositions pass, and says it would likely have to be settled in court.

Segment Three — Nadia Lopez ,Environment reporter for CalMatters, talks to Hal about Proposition 30. Prop 30 would tax high earners in California to fund more incentives for zero emission vehicles. It would also offer more funding for wildfire abatement and hiring of firefighters. Despite the fact that it would fund alternative fuel vehicles, Gov. Gavin Newsom opposes it. There is also pushback on any kind of tax increases.

Segment Four — We offer a video from CalMatters explaining Proposition One on the November ballot. Hal promotes his podcast.