In Depth: Fighting food insecurity

In this week's edition of FOX 11 News In Depth, we're talking food. From food inequity and micro farming to bring healthy options to communities that need it most... to food waste and grocery labeling myths and facts. Hal also checks in with a money expert who gives tips on how to save money at the market and cut costs at the cash register.

Segment 1 - Fighting Food Insecurity in South LA

Jamiah Hargins, founder of Crop Swap LA, talks about the microfarms he's bringing to life to serve neighborhoods that need better access to organic produce, while also bringing jobs and profit sharing deals to homeowners. Using pond technologies, he's saving water and serving up highly nutrient crops to areas where the nearest grocery store may be miles away.

Segment 2 - "Best By" Food Labels and Food Waste

Hal learns from food writer Tamar Adler, author of "An Everlasting Meal: Cooking With Economy and Grace" who is out to stop families from wasting food and throwing their dollars out along with it. Those dates on food products actually have nothing to do with food safety (except in the case of baby formula), but were designed to help grocers with their shelf stocking and to indicate freshness, but in no way indicate if the food inside the package has "gone bad." Adler tells Hal to "trust your senses" to determine if a product is past it's prime.

Segment 3 - Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Financial Advisor Winnie Sun has tips you need to know when it comes to staying within your weekly food budget. Start by making a budget! She's got apps and strategies to save you money no matter what market you prefer.

Segment 4 - Olympian Buys Her Mom a Food Truck

Hal promotes his podcast "What the Hal" and shares the story of Olympic champion Tamyra Mensah Stock's plan to take the $37,500 she earned winning a gold medal and use the money to make her mom's dream of running a food truck business a reality. 

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