In Depth: Coronavirus and its local impact

We’re all struggling with the impacts of COVID-19. Many people have lost their jobs and income while others work at home and try to deal with the new normal.

Our guests for this show include Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, Joe Mantegna and Ronnie Marmo.

Congresswoman Sanchez talks about her experiencing of working from home as well as discusses a recent study that shows the impact of the pandemic is worse in certain communities.

We’re going to talk a little bit about the arts and theater in general.

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Ronnie Marmo is an actor and the Artistic Director of Theatre 68 in North Hollywood. Also joining us is Ronnie's friend Joe Mantegna...  an actor you may very well recognize from many TV shows like Criminal Minds, he's also the voice behind a famous character on the Simpsons. They talk about the impact the NoHo Arts district has seen in the wake of the pandemic and how people are trying to save the local arts district. 

If you'd like to help save the arts district the GoFundMe address is