In Depth: 52 in 52 Downey

SEGMENT A: “Keep Downey Beautiful”

We talk to a long-time city activist about how Downey has changed over the years, and what the best and worst aspects of the city are. Carol Rowland with “Keep Downey Beautiful” says that the city is much more developed and social than when she arrived decades ago. She hails the addition of new restaurants and shopping opportunities as an asset. Rowland says the fact that Downey has its own school system, water system and police force make it a great place to live. She also points out that the many community groups and their activities are a great asset to the city.

The major drawback in Downey she says is the traffic and congestion. She says the city needs more space.

SEGMENT B: Columbia Memorial Space Center

We discuss the aerospace  background of the city with Ben Dickow, the President of the Columbia Memorial Space Center. Dickow says the center, while honoring the history of the Columbia and the space program itself, is more than the “memorial” part of it name. Dickow says that the museum was intended to ignite an interest in science and technology in those who visit, and with that intent, they created a number of interactive, educational exhibits that let kids and adults get “hands on” with the displays. The center even has a robotics lab for kids to explore. Dickow says the museum is the “beating heart” of the city. 

SEGMENT C: Stox Café and Bakery

Stox is the long-time hangout for locals from Downey. It has been around since 1962 and the menu hasn’t really changed in that time, with old time favorites like swiss steak and their beloved chicken pot pies still on the menu. They bake all their pies on site. Manager Kevin Koops takes us on a tour of the kitchen and explains the restaurant’s longevity and why it still draws the locals.

Hal talks to patrons about their feelings about the city, both positive and negative.


Hal explains latest “What the Hal” Podcast and promotes the upcoming “52 in 52” in Tarzana.