In Depth 52 in 52: Carson

SEGMENT A: Goodyear Blimp

Hal Eisner introduces us to the city of Carson in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. The city, incorporated in 1968, was created on land that had gone from farms, to oil derricks to waste disposal facilities, all utilizing the city’s wide open spaces. One of the occupants of that space- is the Goodyear blimp.

Priscilla DeCapua with Goodyear gives us a tour of the gondola of the airship and tells Hal  about the history and function of the blimp, and its significance to the city of Carson.

SEGMENT B: Carson’s Founder

Hal talks to one of the founders of the city of Carson, and its former mayor Gilbert Smith.  Smith is the last surviving member of the group that founded the city back in 1968 when citizens proposed incorporation to help prevent their turf from being used as the region’s garbage dump. Smith talks about his original vision for the city, and his hopes for it going forward.  He talks about how things have changed over the years.

SEGMENT C:  Porsche Experience and Darrow’s New Orleans Grill

We take a look at another use of Carson’s wide open spaces: the more than 50 acre Porsche Experience Center.  The center allows drivers to try out one of the car company’s models on a track that provides different challenges for drivers, from steep grades to slick surfaces.  We then visit Darrow’s New Orleans Grill,  a New Orleans style eatery which transplanted from Marina Del Rey and is having some trouble finding traction with the locals despite raves about their food.  Owner Norwood Clark, Junior and some patrons talk about what they like and dislike about the city they live and work in.


Hal talks to residents at Carson City Hall about the challenges of living in Carson, such as some race-related gang violence, and the ubiquitous refineries which some residents think aren’t paying their fair share of taxes.