Hollywood Hills residents fear rain may have weakened hillside

Hollywood Hills residents fear that Thursday's rain may have weakened the hillside. With more rain on the way, officials will be keeping a close watch on the hillside Friday.

Residents in the Laurel Canyon community first noticed the issue, reporting that part of the roadway along the 8500 block of Appian Way was beginning to deteriorate. They also reported that concrete asphalt had fallen approximately three stories down the steep hillside.

Concerned residents spent the night lining a stretch at the bottom of the hill with sandbags and cones, in hopes to alleviate damage before the next rainfall.

"You guys have driven around in the Hills when it's raining -- the water rushes down this street it looks like a little river. It removes the soil very quickly," said homeowner John Woodward. "If those sandbags aren't there, then pretty soon the side of the street gets washed away."

A second storm is expected to arrive early Saturday bringing widespread rain to the greater Los Angeles area. Click here for the latest weather forecast.